Our Vision

Living Geula is a non-profit coaching organization dedicated to teaching Jews and Righteous Gentiles how to achieve the Torah’s vision for a world of peace, unity and abundance for all.

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What does 'Geula' actually mean?

Geula is a hebrew word that means redemption, but also revelation. It is the idea of God’s ancient promise to humanity to creat a world free of evil, hatred, chaos and death. The mystics explain that one can have a ‘personal’ geula, which is breaking free of limitation and experiencing success and acheivement. At the ‘global ‘ level the total and complete geula is a state of world peace, unity and abundance for both Jews and Righteos Gentiles. 

Meet Rabbi Rome

Know that the Creator is like your shadow. If you act positively, then positivity will flow. And so too the opposite is true.

The Baal Shem Tov